Sam Brady

SpeechTools is your premier destination for cutting-edge speech therapy apps designed to enhance communication skills worldwide. Developed under the guidance of experienced speech and language therapists, our apps are meticulously crafted to align with evidence-based practices and deliver tangible outcomes.
As a director at Speech Tools, I lead a dedicated team in every aspect of app development, ensuring that each tool meets the evolving needs of our global user base. From concept ideation to user
experience design, we prioritize refinement and innovation to provide the most effective solutions for our users.

The Speechtools ecosystem

Our apps empower individuals to take control of their communication journey independently, offering support across various goals such as pitch and volume analysis, improved fluency rate and specific voice therapy for trans women.

Sam is kind, professional and patient. She really helped me find use of my voice again, and taught me how to use it in such a way that I don’t strain my vocal cords’

August 2023